"In short, the service has been excellent. Ms. Runion and her team stay on top of maintenance issues for my home so that it stays in good condition, and she has kept it rented out with virtually zero vacancy time between tenants for nearly four years running. I am extremely pleased with TruHaven's services and would recommend them it to any prospective landlord looking for a reliable, trustworthy property manager."
- J. Murphy

"TruHaven Homes has managed our property in Atlanta for over a year and my husband and I have been continually impressed and grateful for the professionalism and quality of service they provide. We purchased our property a year ago and as we currently live outside of the United States, we couldn't stay to oversee all the maintenance and work necessary to make the house ready for renters. The staff at TruHaven worked with us, recommending reliable vendors and scheduling work as quickly as possible, to do as much before we had to leave, and then seamlessly took over managing the work orders after we left. They handled everything to put the house on the market for rent and secured a reliable long-term renter within a week of listing the property. TruHaven has collected and deposited rent, reported work orders from the renters and schedule them, sent regular reminders and recommendations for annual inspections of HVAC. We have not had a single problem or complaint in the year we've been working with TruHaven and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a property manager in the Atlanta area. They have offered nothing but peace of mind, which is so important living so far away from our property."
-B. Barineau

"The service provided by TruHaven homes has been EXCELLENT! My husband and I planned to manage the property ourselves and then decided to seek out a management company. We interviewed several companies but selected TruHaven based on professionalism, services offered and the rate. It is one of the best decisions we ever made. We turned in the contract and keys to our unit in April 2014. Within a week, it was listed on the MLS, and they were already receiving applications. Within 3 weeks of turning in the contract with TruHaven Homes, we had tenants moving into our unit. The process for advertising the home, including the pictures, was professional and efficient. They selected tenants that have done a great job of taking care of my home as well as making monthly payments on time. We have had a couple maintenance requests raised by the tenants which TruHaven promptly addressed. I periodically get information I'd like shared with the tenants. I send it to my property manager and she promptly cascades the information. All my emails to TruHaven are always responded to in a timely manner.I've been doing Project Management for over 15 years. Anyone who's ever worked with or for me would tell you I take pride in what I do, and I expect those who provide a service for me to also do quality work. If I had any issues or concerns I'd raise them, but I can honestly say in my 6 months working with TruHaven Homes I am completely satisfied and have no complaints."
- M. Duncan

"I worked with Rachell from TruHaven on the purchase, leasing, and property management for an investment property I bought in September. She was an excellent buyer's agent, bringing to me the right investment properties that met my criteria, and helping me throughout the closing process. After closing, her team got to work with several rehab items (mold remediation, french drains, clear trees, bathroom updates, changing hardware, changing appliances, etc) through the right mix of contractors and in-house servicemen. Once the property was ready to show, TruHaven actively marketed the property and got it under lease within a week!

Based on my experience, I have found Rachell and her team (Candice, Brandy) to be skilled at their job, professional, and easy to work with. TruHaven is currently managing a couple of mid to high-end rentals for me and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable property manager."

- M. Shah

"We are coming to the end of our first year working with Rachell and her team. The process of finding a tenant and the ongoing management of the property were both conducted with utmost professionalism. It has been a great experience for me and for my tenant, who is looking forward to renewing when the current lease ends."
- E. Viscelli

"I contacted TruHaven because I needed to rent out my former home fast, and after the first contact, TruHaven was in charge of the entire process. My home was in need of serious repairs, and TruHaven arranged for all of the necessary repairs at extremely reasonable rates. Just weeks after first contact, my house was in good repair, and I had a (well-screened) paying tenant all thanks to TruHaven. My experience with TruHaven was spectacular. I cannot overstate TruHaven's commitment to customer service, orderly explanation of issues and charges, and quick efficient completion of everything needed to get a revenue stream started for a homeowner who needs to find good tenants. I recommend TruHaven to anyone who will listen."
- R. Knowles

"The TruHaven team is excellent to work with if someone is looking for property management services. We have a home we wanted to put on the rental market; and thanks to Angie's list, we were able to find TruHaven. After meeting with Rachell, we quickly determined that TruHaven provided the exact services we were looking for which was very comprehensive (tenant selection criteria, owners roles and responsibilities, management of maintenance issues, etc). Truhaven committed to having our home rented within a short period of time and they actually delivered! Rachell was on time to our initial meeting. Upfront information about the terms, process, & cost. The process to finalize our agreement and paperwork was straight forward. TruHaven's staff was very friendly. Clear professional communications. Execution of commitments and deliverables. Reasonable pricing. Overall TruHaven = professionalism."
- N. Tran

"When I moved unexpectedly, I was forced to rent out my primary residence. Suffice it to say that I had such an aversion to being a landlord that it bordered on being a phobia. The staff at TruHaven have done an excellent job of eliminating--as much as possible--the complications of being a landlord. Rachell did an excellent job of assessing the value of my home and suggesting cost-effective ways of preparing the home for rental. TruHaven promptly advertised the property and placed an excellent tenant within days of listing the house! The minor repair issues which have arisen have been taken care of as affordably as possible and with minimal effort on my part. The staff have always demonstrated professionalism. Additionally, working with a smaller firm has offered a personal touch, which has helped me to feel that my home is being given attentive care. I am delighted with the service that TruHaven has provided and would strongly recommend them to a friend."
- K. Gupta

"Rachell is very effectively managing our property while we complete an overseas assignment. Truhaven is professional - a thorough vetting of our tenants, regular checks and prompt payment of our rent. We are very happy with the service that Rachell and TruHaven provide!"
- S. Jones

"A+ Service!!! Rachell Runion and TruHaven Homes, Inc. have been very prompt and professional in each step of the process of managing my rental property. They were able to find a solid tenant for my original asking price within a week of my property being listed. Further, they have always responded to any emails or questions I have had within one or two business days. I highly recommend Rachell and TruHaven Homes as a property management service!"
- B. Olliff

"We couldn't be happier with the service, responsiveness, and professionalism of Rachell and TruHaven. This was our first venture into renting our house and we had reservations about it, especially being several time zones away from Atlanta. Rachell and her team had our house rented within a week and have made the entire process very easy and given us peace of mind. Maintenance requests have been handled in a very timely and efficient manner. Monthly communications and other notices are prompt and clear. Rachell always seems to be available when needed. We only wish that TruHaven could have managed our house when we lived in it!"
- Rick Pennington

"Rachell's company, TruHaven Homes, manages my single family rental property in the Atlanta area for more than 6 months. Her business balances tenant/landlord interests in a fair and equitable manner. She is very savvy with e-business with most landlord transactions completely online and she seems always available via email. Owner payments are processed super promptly and have been accurate. I feel she's really looking out for my property and she's been very flexible when repairs have been needed. The maintenance companies she hires are prompt and appear to do quality work at a fair-market price. I've used other management companies in the past and felt like just one of hundreds of owners, no individual attention and no understanding of the unique qualities of my property. Rachell's business is the direct opposite experience. She knows me and my family, my property and my tenants and what's really best for all of us. I strongly recommend her and will continue to use her as long as I keep my rental property."
- Todd Johnson

“Rachell at Truhaven goes above and beyond, doing whatever possible to get the job done to the satisfaction of all parties concerned quickly and efficiently. She runs a far superior operation than another leading rental agency that we've used in-town. Her pricing structure is simple and fair, no surprises. She has always delivered more than she promises.”
- Robin Hill

“Rachell takes time to work with people, individually. My tenant was behind with another company and their only solution was to evict my long term tenants. She made arrangements with them while protecting me legally. They are caught up and I avoided winter vacancy and turn key expenses. Not only that but my tenant's are very happy to still have their home. She's the best!”
- Linda Mayes

“We rented ourselves for a few years. It was a nightmare. Months of vacancy, tenants that couldn't pay, endless phone calls... Rachell has rented our place two times, each in under a week, to great tenants. She has a thorough screening process that has proven to be one thousand percent worth it. Not only are her services worth it, she's a bargain, trust me.”
- Tony Beane

“I own 5 rental properties in the Atlanta area. I live in California, so it is very important that I have a property manager who I can not only trust but who is looking out for my best interests. For many years I had a large, well known PM company managing my properties, and as time went on I discovered that they were doing a horrible job taking care of me and my properties. I found Rachell and I transferred all of my properties into her care. Since then she has done a fantastic job of getting the properties properly maintained (the previous company had charged me for maintenance but either didn't do the work or did it very poorly), establishing a dialogue with the tenants (who are thrilled to have someone who is listening to them), and keeping me informed on the status of my props. Rachell has an excellent network of maintenance people and she gets things done on time and for a very fair price. In fact, recently a tree fell on one of my properties and damaged it severely. Fortunately no one was injured, but the repairs were major. Rachell quickly took care of everything and soon the property will be repaired and habitable again. Rachell is dedicated and hard working, she is always available, and she is very pleasant and easy to work with. I am very grateful for her service.”
- Laurra Maddock

“I could not have asked for a faster, more informed process of renting my home. I felt that I was very informed with the process and also felt very comfortable with the tenant approval process. Whenever I have any concerns I am able to contact Rachell and I always get a response within 24 hours.”
- Jennifer Colquhoun

“We are very pleased to have TruHaven managing our rental home. Rachell is extremely responsive and the process could not have been easier. We would be happy to recommend Truhaven to anyone looking for such high quality service.”
- Tom Whitley

"Rachell and the team at TruHaven have been nothing short of amazing. Our home was rented within 3 weeks of being on the market. When the tenant had to suddenly move out, Rachell got to work and rented it with no lapse in tenant income. We are thrilled with her attention to detail, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to make sure things get done. You are making a fantastic decision for your rental and your sanity when you hire TruHaven."
- Charles Mayfield

"Rachell knows the greater ATL and has a vast network. She manages my husband's and my properties and is a no-nonsense business leader. If you are imagining living in-town, let Rachell show you around."
- Denise Taylor

"Rachell was a savior. I had a very bad experience with a bad property manager and she has renewed my faith in other people. Very Professional and organized."
- Connie Doering

"Rachell is the property manager for my home in mid-town Atlanta. She responds very effectively to all tenant related matters. She is a good communicator and gives me practical advice about various tenant legal issues. When I had the misfortune of leasing to a tenant who decided to stop paying rent, Rachell managed all aspects of the termination of the lease very well. Additionally Rachell is an aggressive marketer and works quickly to find new tenants to lease the unit. If your goal is to outsource the care and management of your property, Rachell and her team would be an excellent choice."
- William Connors

"I live in Australia and I own property in Atlanta and Rachell Runion has been managing my property for over 2 years now. I have to say I have been extremely happy with her services and her ongoing professional management of my home. The tenants are wonderful and my house is very well looked after. I would highly recommend using TruHaven Homes services!"
- Michelle Mitri

"She has been such a great service provider! My property has been rented out ever since I started with her and every problem she has handled each instance with exceptional professionalism. I would hire her 100 out of 100 times!!"
- Stuart Marsden

"Rachell is incharge of renting and maintenance on my home. When there was a problem she called the repair person and had the work done, this kept the renter happy and I did not have to worry and try to get someone to do the work. So far I have been very happy."
- James Brougher

“Since I've had a few home repair items, I've been very pleased with the handyman and the prompt work that he does - in addition to being a lovely, trustworthy and very pleasant person to rely on when I've had repairs that needed to be done. He's terrific.”
- Resident

"Rachell provided excellent customer service to me and my wife while we rented from TruHaven Homes, Inc. She was always friendly and very responsive to each issue/question that arose, no matter how big or small they were. The handyman also responded to issues in a timely manner and did a great job resolving the issues at hand. The TruHaven Homes, Inc. team is surely an asset to both renters and homeowners in need of a property management service."
- Resident

“Having relocated from NY to GA, Rachell was of the utmost help when we were looking to find a home. She was not only professional, but knowledgeable and kind. She went out of her way to make us feel comfortable and informed about our decision, and provided a wealth of information about each prospective home in order to aid in making this decision easier. We would be remiss if we said that her assistance was not exemplary. She guided us through the entire process, as well as provided a smooth, stress-free experience. This was our first property having been coordinated from out-of-state, and never had we had such a pleasurable experience. Rachell is savvy, personable and knows the business inside and out. To reiterate, we are nothing but pleased with Rachell and TruHaven Homes at Remax Metro Atlanta as a result of their expertise, and we highly recommend her to everyone!!”
- Resident

"I had the pleasure of having my first contact with Rachell over the phone and via Internet/email in 2011. Even though I basically only had like ten days to find a home in the Atlanta area, Rachell was extremely diligent getting all the necessary documents ready for me so I wouldn't miss my work start date deadline. She emailed me constantly (better to over communicate than under communicate!) and provided me with photos/virtual tours of my future rental home as well as answered every single question I had with a smile on her face (you can tell when someone is happy to talk to you even over the phone, and she definitely was). To make a long story short, I was able to sign almost all the documents before I moved in. I was driving from Fl to meet with her at the property. I got there late, around 7:30 on a rainy night... sure enough Rachell was already waiting for me with a smile on her face on a Friday night!? She was professional and explained the lease clauses to me one by one with extreme patience. I signed happy to finally be at home. We said our goodbyes, and she left. The story does not end there. After she drove off my driveway, I decided to sit outside on the floor of my new back porch. After a few minutes I realized I completely locked myself out of the house!!! I checked all the doors and nothing. Locked! At that moment I came to the only inevitable conclusion. I had to unfortunately call Rachell back, so she could let me in. Indeed, she was already good ways away from my new home when we spoke on the phone, but yet with her typical graciousness she crack a huge smile over the phone and told me I was no trouble at all and that she would be turning around and coming back to assist me. What else can you ask from a Property Manager? She was always there when I first moved in, and she has always been there for anything I've needed for the past 13 months with a prompt follow up! She is a top notch agent!"
- Tenant