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At TruHaven Homes, it is our job to make your investment as profitable as possible while helping to protect your home from tenant usage depreciation.

We know you have many options for Property Management in Chicago. We would love the opportunity to discuss our Property Management Services, Marketing Strategies, and Processes. Let us show you why we are The Premier Property Manager in Chicago!

1. Efficient Processes: We've fine-tuned our processes to deliver efficient property management. From screening tenants to handling maintenance requests, our streamlined approach saves you time and money.

2. Clear and Consistent Communication: Clear and consistent communication is a cornerstone of our approach at TruHaven Homes. We believe that open and transparent communication is essential for successful property management and maintaining strong relationships with both property owners and tenants.

3. Proven Tenant Screening Processes & Fair Housing Compliance: Our tenant screening processes are designed to be both proven and effective, ensuring that you get reliable and responsible tenants for your properties. By employing these proven tenant screening processes, TruHaven Homes aims to protect your investment, minimize risks, and secure reliable and responsible tenants who will take good care of your property. Here's an overview of what goes into screening an applicant:

  • Comprehensive Applications
  • Credit Checks
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Rental History Verification
  • Employment and Income Verification
  • Eviction and Court Records
  • Rent-to-Income Ratio
  • Consistent Criteria
  • Legal Compliance
  • Quick Turnaround

4. Vendor Management: Maintenance vendor management is a crucial aspect of property management, ensuring that property owners' investments are well-maintained and that tenants have a safe and comfortable living environment. At TruHaven Homes, we have a comprehensive approach to vendor management to ensure that maintenance and repair services are efficiently and effectively handled.

5. Tenant Satisfaction: We take pride in maintaining your properties to the highest standards, ensuring tenant satisfaction and reducing depreciation. Happy tenants lead to longer tenancies and fewer maintenance issues.

6. Cutting-Edge Marketing: Our Marketing Strategies are designed to attract high-quality tenants quickly. We leverage digital platforms, local networks, and innovative marketing techniques to fill vacancies promptly.

7. Profitable Investments: Our priority is to help you achieve the highest return on your investments. We employ proactive strategies to optimize rental income, minimize vacancies, and ensure your properties remain valuable assets.

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