Intake Fee $300
Tenant Procurement Fee Equal to one full month’s rent
Monthly Management Fee $129
Lease Renewal Fee $400
Invoice Processing Fee $25
Yearly Tax Prep Fee $40

Explanation of Terms & Fees

Intake Fee - $300

This fee pays for the intake report and professional photos of the home. 

We believe that the intake process is key to the success of your home’s management. This full photo report notes the systems information, appliance information and condition of your home when we began managing it.

Once your home is ready, we send a professional photographer to take pictures. It is very important that we have quality photos of the home vacant.  This helps us market your home and attract qualified tenants now and in the years to come.

Tenant Procurement Fee - Equal to 1 full months rent

We have two payment options for your Tenant Procurement Fee.  

  1. Paid out of your tenant’s first months rent
  2. Paid out in monthly increments over 6 months, in addition to your monthly management fee

This fee pays for marketing, showing, screening, and placing a qualified tenant in your home.  This is a key time for you and your home.  We;

Management Fee -WINTER SPECIAL PRICING - $129/mo FLAT - This is the fee we charge for rent collections, processing, general maintenance request processing, tenant and owner reports/correspondence, homeowner association communications, managing Owner and Tenant Portals and owner disbursements. 

Remember, you are the landlord, but the tenants only have our contact information. This way, everything comes through us and you live your life worry-free.

Lease Renewal Fee - $400

This is a fee charged to owners to renew/extend and/or renegotiate the current lease for an additional year. 

We boast an 80% renewal rate and our goal is to keep long term tenants whenever it in your best interest.

Invoice Processing Fee - $25

We’ve found that salaried vendors do not perform to our expectations, as we lose our leverage when we bring them in-house. That’s why we don’t have a maintenance company or in-house handymen. Instead, we work with trusted partners to provide the services you need to maintain your property.

We don’t charge a mark-up on maintenance done to your home - we believe that’s a conflict of interest.

Annual Tax Preparation Fee - $40

The Tax Preparation Fee is a yearly expense paid to the Manager.  It assists with the expenses involved with end of year reporting and software expenses.  This fee is collected annually on 1st of January.

Special Circumstances Sometimes you need something a little different.  We offer the following services as well to help!  Just tell us what you need and we will send you pricing on a case through case basis.

What’s Included? 


  • Specialized Leases
  • Our expertise helps you keep your equity and keeps you out of court
  • Documented tenant communication and maintenance processes
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance response services
  • Lease enforcement
  • 100% Fair Housing compliance
  • Rent processing
  • Vendor management and preferred client pricing
  • State of the art prospective tenant screening


  • Thorough move-in/move-out reporting with photos
  • Yearly site visit report with photos
  • Drive by visit reporting quarterly for single family homes (exterior only)
  • Monthly owner statements and yearly ledger statements for tax time
  • 24/7 access to your Owner Portal that contains all documents, invoices, reporting statements, etc.