Why TruHaven?

TruHaven Homes is a full service, all-inclusive Residential Property Management firm.  We are the experts.  Let us protect your interests and make landlordship easy for you.

Experience…  With over 15 years of experience in real estate and residential property management, TruHaven Homes takes the uncertainty out of your real estate ventures.  We have managed over 1000 residential homes just like yours!  

Up Front Pricing...  Surprises are best left for parties, so we’re upfront with our pricing package.

Proven Reputation…  Don’t take our word for it, just google us! Look us up on Yelp, Thumbtack, Facebook or Angie's’ List.  If that’s not enough, just ask and we will be happy to put you in direct contact with a current client for more feedback.

Professional Service… Real customer service means putting you first and being there when YOU need us.  No matter the time zone, day of year, we are here.  We use a wide range of communication tools to make sure you know that we are here for you.

In-Person Showings…  We show our properties in person.  All prospective tenants are met personally by either a TruHaven staff member or a licensed real estate agent.  We do not utilize “self-show” lockboxes or software.  

What We Stand For…  We stand for BLM, LGBTQ Rights, Immigrant Rights, Fair Wages, Fair Housing Law, Landlords’ Rights & COVID 19 precautions.  You're not just a number to us, your experience with TruHaven Homes truly matters.

We employ seasoned W2 employees that make a living wage.  We do not use virtual assistants to cut our bottom line.  Our full-time staff is provided with basic healthcare free of cost, multiple upgraded medical plans, vacation time, paid maternity, and paternity leave.  We are a team.  

Quality of life…  Rental homes are our specialty.  Stop managing and start living.

Down to the nitty-gritty… Fees.  What are they and what do they mean for you?

Intake Fees - $200

This fee pays for the Intake Condition Report and professional photos of the home.  It is due when you sign up with us.

We believe that the intake process is key to the success of your home’s management. This full photo report notes the systems information, appliance information and condition of your home when we began managing it.

Once your home is ready, we send a professional photographer to take pictures. It is very important that we have quality photos of the home vacant.  This helps us market your home and attract qualified tenants now and in the years to come.

Tenant Procurement Fee - Equal to 1 full months rent

We have two payment options for your Tenant Procurement Fee.  This fee pays for marketing, showing, screening, and placing a qualified tenant in your home.  

  1. Paid out with your tenant’s first months rent

  2. Paid out in monthly increments over 3 months, in addition to your monthly management fee

Management Fee - 7% with a minimum of $125/month

This is the fee we charge for rent collections, processing, general maintenance request processing, tenant and owner reports/correspondence, homeowner association communications, managing owner and tenant portals and owner disbursements.

Remember, you are the landlord, but the tenants only have our contact information. This way, everything comes through us and you live your life worry-free.

Lease Renegotiation & Renewal Fee - $300

This is a fee charged to owners to renew, extend, and/or renegotiate the current lease for an additional year.  We boast an 80% renewal rate and our goal is to keep long term tenants whenever it is in your best interest.

Invoice Processing Fee - $25

We’ve found that salaried vendors do not perform to our expectations, as we lose our leverage when we bring them in-house. That’s why we don’t have a maintenance company or in-house handymen. Instead, we work with trusted partners to provide the services you need to maintain your property.  

We don’t charge a mark-up on the maintenance done to your home.

Home Warranty Processing Fee - $25

Many of our clients prefer to keep/use their Home Warranty for repairs.  No problem!  It creates a lot more work for us, but it is still often a great savings to our clients and we understand that.  This fee compensates us for the added time it takes to communicate and schedule the work with the tenant(s), warranty company and the warranty vendor.  

Annual Tax Preparation Fee - $40

The Tax Preparation Fee is a yearly expense paid to TruHaven Homes.  It assists with the expenses involved with end of year reporting and software expenses.  This fee is collected annually on 1st of January.

Landlord Rescue - $500

We hope you never need this, BUT, if you come to us with a tenant already in place, that is delinquent and/or needs to be evicted for any reason, we can take care of it!  Ask us for more details.

“No Marketing” Placement  - $500

Want to find your own tenant without us marketing the home?  We can do it!  Ask us for more details.

Account Closeout Fee - $99

At the end of our time together we won’t leave you hangin!  This closeout fee covers the costs involved to close you out of our system and send you a drive with all of your agreements, leases, invoices, photos, etc from our time together.