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Been transferred and think you may return?
Want to buy a bigger home and it's not a good time to sell?
Looking to diversify your investments and create passive income?

These are the reasons you would consider being a landlord. The next thought... the horror stories. You've heard them and they are terrifying. We make Landlordship possible without the stress and liability you are worried about.

Time. Experience. Value.

Time is the only thing we can't get more of. Tenant communication, maintenance needs, preventative maintenance, HOA communication, that all takes time. Do you have time to get 3 estimates for your new air conditioner that went out in the heat of summer? Your toilet overflowed this holiday weekend. Do you know what to do to get the water removed and keep your tenants/home safe? Your tenant is late with their rent or in default of their lease, what do you do? Who wants to do all of that? Who has the time? We do.

We have relationships that create value for you. We get priority service and pricing that you will not get on your own consistently. That value comes from vendors, experienced staff, attorneys, accountants and more.

We know the laws and stay up to date with changes as they occur. We are 100% Fair Housing compliant. We have been to court and know what to expect and what the process will be. We have taken care of homes just like yours 100's and 100's of times. Our experience is your armor.

Why go it alone?

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what we do

What we do as your Atlanta Property Manager

  • Handle all tenant concerns and receive tenant payments
  • Work with HOA's and COA's for the best possible experience for everyone
  • Ensure all required maintenance is done in a timely manner by insured, background- checked vendors
  • Provide detailed monthly statements accounting for all income and disbursement
  • Disburse all tenant deposit refunds and supply required documentation
  • All collected funds are maintained in Broker's trust account
  • Thoroughly screen all prospective tenants including credit, rental history, criminal history and income verification in accordance with Fair Housing Laws
  • Conduct an interior survey of the property yearly, with a copy of the report and interior photos going to the owner via email, at NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Prompt and frequent communication
  • We focus on quality- not quantity, providing personalized service for individual homeowners.
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Need professional management?

As professional Atlanta Property Managers, it is our JOB to make your investment as profitable as possible, while helping to protect your home from tenant usage depreciation.

PM Marketing IconMarketing

Marketing is key to placing quality tenants. At TruHaven Homes, all of our properties are professionally photographed to maximize response and ensure great marketing for years to come. We custom write all marketing and upload to over 20 sites. Most of all we RESPOND. Responding promptly to add interest is the key to our success!

Tenant Screening IconTENANT SCREENING

At TruHaven Homes we take Tenant Screening and Fair Housing Laws very seriously. It is our top priority and the difference between a successful leasing experience and a disastrous one. All the horror stories you hear, this is where they begin. Ask us about our processes and why we have only had to evict 4 tenants we have placed since 2009!

Rent Collection IconRENT COLLECTION

TruHaven Homes is Atlanta's only Property Management Firm to consistently boast a 99.5% ON TIME rental process each month. Late Fees are not a profit center that benefit our Landlords. Our goal is 100% ON TIME rents every month!

Site Visits IconSITE VISITS

We conduct site visits upon move-in and move-out, as well as prior to renewal, that include documentation and photos of the property’s condition and ensure all maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Maintenance IconMAINTENANCE

We have a prompt and organized system for reporting, resolving and communicating your home’s maintenance needs, in a way that protects the landlord from future issues and/or litigation.

Financial Reporting IconFINANCIAL REPORTING

At TruHaven Homes our state of the art software provides us with the tools we need to provide our Landlords with professional, timely monthly reports, as well as end of year reports your accountant will love!

Start maximizing your investment’s potential

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Atlanta Property Management

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